Plymouth, Devon, UK

sound design, recording and reinforcement.

"Thanks to the excellent sound recordist, Richard Douglas-Green, we ended up with a truly representative recording of the particularly good Steinway at Sherwell Hall, University of Plymouth.  There is no editing, no post-production.  Just the piano and mics plus occasional audience movement."  - Lola Perrin, Oct 2008

On location recording a speciality - 24 track Mackie digital recorder.

We can record and master tracks or CDs for you and arrange for production of glass mastered CDs or small-run CDRs

Listen to our CDs

BY CHANCE IT WAS - Cornish folk singer Mike Bosworth's first CD with songs from the Baring-Gould collection (accompanied by John Kirkpatrick)

UPSTICKS - music from members of the Totnes Jazz Collective led by Sam Richards
FOLK ON THE MOOR - Hear their concert recorded at the Barbican Theatre, Plymouth
HINTERLAND - Poems and prose by Graham Searle with music from Ben Campbell

INVISIBLE ART - Sam Richard's contribution to the art exhibition


Sam Richards and Richard Douglas-Green "Love among the Ruins"
Sam Richards - Two Pianos
. - Improvisations

Brunel - The Little Giant a folk musical by Graham Searle.

A Porta Inferi - Devotional music for gaelic harp and shakuhachi - with Abigail Robinson and Mike McInerney

Other recordings include Ben Campbell, Mike McInerney (experimental improvisations and choral), "The Eternal Light" by Choros (early choral music), Torbay Symphony Orchestra. The new mass for the Plymouth R C Dioceses, Analogorak, The Logothetis Ensemble, Conspiracy of Equals, Lola Perrin, Peter Tatham


We have regularly recorded the Totnes Jazz Collective with Lewis Riley, Andy Visser, Mick Green, Sam Richards, Aaron Standon, Harry S Fulcher. The Limbic System, Jim Fulkerson, Bird Architects, Conspiracy of Equals

Location sound recording for film and video with
Nicholas Daly (Le Chat Perdu)
Jenni Wittman (Divine Cut)

Other recordings include a recital by Lola Perrin and a CD track for folk musicians Richard Grainger and Chris Parkinson.

Recent recordings include works in Brittany by Roger Eon, Kristina Kuusisto and Katell Kloareg


For several years w e also did the sound reinforcement for the Folk on the Moor Club on Dartmoor.

Sessions included Bob Fox, Harvey Andrews, Bram Taylor, Nancy Kerr and James Fagan Kellie While, Steve Tilston, Shep Woolley, Tom Bliss and Tom Napper, Vin Garbutt, Alan Burke, Mr Smith, Martin Carthy. Mike Silver. Ygdrassil (Linde Nijland & Annemarieke Coenders with Bert Ridderbos) , Boo Hewerdine, Clive Gregson, Martin Simpson, Kirsty McGee and Mat Martin,The Sultans of Squeeze (John Kirkpatrick & Chris Parkinson), Aly McBain and Phil Cunningham, Phil Beer, Colvin Quarmby Band, Kenny Speirs and Judy Dinning, The Queensberry Rules, Tom Kitchen and Gren Bartley, Askew Sisters , Nathan Rogers, Jim Reynolds. Mad Agnes. Noel Harrison, Reg Meuross, Brooks Williams


Photograph by kind permission of Graham Searle


Quote from the Folk on the Moor Website

Few clubs are as lucky as FOTM when it comes to sound... for we are able to call on the services of the amazing green ltd. team! Our guests have always remarked on the skill and expertise these two have; they've even received offers to tour as sound crew...! But that's hardly surprising when you experience their quality.



Richard Douglas-Green, now in his sixties, made his first recording at the age of seven, when the service of carols was recorded by his school. This triggered a fascination with the whole process of recording so at the age of thirteen, from the proceeds of his paper round, he bought his first tape recorder, an Elizabethan. This was upgraded to a Grundig within a year.

It seemed obvious that with his love of sound and radio he should want to join the BBC upon leaving school. Indeed, this was the only job he applied for!

His 22 years in the BBC were varied.He was based in Cardiff, Bristol and,latterly, Plymouth, working in radio and on the sound side of TV. However over the years he was also a TV floor manager, director and radio producer, gaining experience in front of the microphone as well.

In his early forties, having trained up many people, he decided to go into education and became a Senior Lecturer in Sound and TV production.

This he did for 17 years, until the lure of a redundancy package made him decide to go back to his first love - sound recording and production.

green ltd is the outcome of what started as a paying hobby, although some funding still comes from training university students with learning difficulties.

How super to be able to work with such talented musicians and writers and be part of their creative process. One day he might even get a proper job.

Lucien Douglas-Green, one of Richard's sons, hasn't managed to totally escape involvement in the business. He has become a capable sound mixer, rigger and office manager - good experience for greater things to come.





The Logothetis Project. Performance at Dartington Hall, Devon.

Tuesday June 27th 2006 - Studio 1, Lower Close, Dartington.



Globus (1978)
Panel 2 from Anastasis (1969)

Richard Douglas-Green – bat detector and live sound processing.
Neil Dowell – tabletop guitar and effects.
Mike McInerney – shakuhachi and piano.
Michael Neil – live sound.


Thursday October 20th - Friday 21st October 2011

The Logothetis Project

Neue Töne Open

Galerie Babel
Uhlandstraße 26, Stuttgart, Germany

Globus (1978)

Richard Douglas-Green – bat detector and live sound processing.
Matt Lord– noise guitar.
Mike McInerney – shakuhachi and piano.
Michael Neil – live sound.


The Logothetis Ensemble
at Plymouth New Music Festival 2012

Music For a Very Large Space

Crosspoint, Roland Levinsky Building
Plymouth University

Saturday 11th February 2012

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Ghia Tin Ora (1975), Fantasmata (1961), Enklaven (1967) 
Saturday, 1
7th August 2013
N.K., Neue Kölln, Elsenstraße, Berlin.

Richard Douglas-Green - ultrasonics, live sound processing and backing tracks
Werner Durand - wind instruments
Mike McInerney - shakuhachi, piano and monotone synth
Michael Neil - live sound




The Logothetis Project will also be touring in 2014 to Vienna